The Song Connection #1

….This will be my last confession I love you never felt like any blessing, Ohhh….

I woke up with just this sentence ringing in my head. I couldn’t remember where did I pick it from, but I have to tell you the tune of it was remarkably catchy, so I didn’t stop myself from singing that one line over and over again as I finished my morning ablutions and headed out of the door to run some errands and was looking forward for my spa day ahead.

The journey to the mall was yet another ordeal as the taxi driver wouldn’t stop playing the stupid songs that were just breaking my concentration to figure out what that song was. I tried to deviate my thoughts from that song and decided to ponder on something else which gave me nothing more than a headache.

By 4PM I couldn’t tolerate the sound of any other song playing.  This was the first time that I was grumpy all day not because something bad happened but because I just couldn’t’ remember that stupid song.

For going to the spa you need to get into the mood and the mode of it, which I already lost. It felt like Chinese water torture, that one line was driving me insane and so I decided to play it on YouTube. But to my horror, my phone’s internet had exhausted and so was I, mentally.

(I can tell you that mental exhaustion is worse than physical, in case you haven’t ever experienced it.)

I dropped whatever plans I made and came home in a hurry. I goggled the only line I remembered.

I remembered that a friend of my recently tagged me to listen to this it, but I haughtily neglected it. I am not a person who would listen to songs that somebody thinks I would like. Sorry but it’s just in my character and that line was the only thing I heard of that song.

When I heard the song I wanted to hit my head onto the wall. I remember that I asked her to transfer the song to my pod and I had it with me all this while.

The song that I am talking about here is “Heavy in your arms” by Florence and The Machine.


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