I thought who sleeps at this time. I realized my mom and dad have already slept. I thought it was just yesterday when I was out on a night-out with my friends. I thought how carefree and carelessly we danced all night on the craziest (chindiest) possible song. The super- awesome mujra done by them on “salaam-e-ishq meri jaan”. I thought just this afternoon we were thinking if we can party or not, how people were running around to find a single place which permits us for a night-out (with girls). The last chai at “sharma. It was quite usual five friends drinking tea together, nothing special about that. Five friends drinking tea together “one last time in college”, how ‘bout that?” Suddenly the location for the discussion never felt so lifeless (not literally).

I thought, just yesterday, we were standing in front of two absolute strangers, looked into their eyes and spoke our guts out. It was just yesterday that our juniors took the responsibility of my model in their hands and forced me to sleep. It was just yesterday that the stupid Hinoo wala printed the wrong sheet on a gateway paper. It was just yesterday that I finalized my report and gave it to print. It was just yesterday that we gave our WD submissions.

I thought, how can I forget the 26 sleepless hours (I know, 24) every day. How can I forget that Diwali was our last “vacation to our home”. How can I forget my birthday when I literally had to call people up and tell’em that it was my birthday and begged them to meet me at IC for a cup of coffee.  How can forget our last movie “SKYFALL” and the entire hostel lobby echoing with the Adele’s title track.

I thought, of our first movie “Bachnna e haseeno”. That reminded me of Abhmanyu’s Birthday. That reminded me of Krisna (the place with strangest set of waiters). That reminded me of Kaveri. That reminded me of Promita (the first girl I met in college) leaving. That reminded me of our first day. That reminded me of our department. That reminded me of “the walk” with our seniors on either side of departmental lobby. That reminded me of Ajay Khare sir. That reminded me of Rachna ma’am. That reminded me of Ritu ma’am.

I thought, It was just yesterday, that Ritu ma’am scolded me for my entire batch being “ridiculous” because we couldn’t manage one meeting where she would brief us about out training. That reminded me of Mitra ma’am saying how much we are habituated of listening to such “compliments”. That reminded me of my batch; the dumb puppet, most useless, absolutely pathetic, hopeless, most inefficient and worst batch ever.

I thought, about all the 30/37 students who passed in TOSS. I thought of all the students 33/37 students who passed in UNIX and C. I thought of the other batches and their best results. I thought of their best averages.

I thought of our juniors. That reminded me of 2K12, how I feel sorry for them, I thought of the time which some of them still have to run away from this hell. I thought, of 2k11, the people with whom we girls shared our lobby. I thought of their laugh which we copied till they stopped. That reminded me of 2k10, how they left us in the old hostel and shifted in the new ones. I thought how far I walked every time I had to go to their lobby. That reminded me of 2K9. I thought of…… well I passed the thought.

I thought how quickly time flies. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.



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